Cal-Para Paranormal Research Organization

Recently we were interviewed for an academic research paper.

Here are some of the questions and some basic answers 🙂
(Just in case you did not know…)

1. Why do spirits try to hurt you?
2. Are there bad spirits (demons)?
3. Why do spirits show themselves to children?
4. Why can children see spirits but adults can’t?
5. Can spirits trap you in one place?
6. Can spirits trick you?
7. Can spirits deceive you?
8. Can spirits try to sound like a love one from your family?
9. Can spirits leave big bruises on you?
10. How come spirits take energy from around them?

1. There are two types of spirits (usually): those that used to be human and walk on Earth, and those that were never human, are lower level entities, and are jealous of the living.
Many times, when someone is scratched etc., that…

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