Spirits and The Paranormal, Don't Be Afraid.

Most people, when they think of Spirits think of Ghostbusters, Most Haunted, Ghost Whisperer or Medium. All popular and all completely inaccurate. What drives me mad is how people assume all Spirits are Ghosts and all Bad.

The truth is most Spirits are here of their own free will and half of them don’t even know we exist. And we forget they used to live, love, eat, sleep, cry like us. We……will one day be dead. Death is not final. Spirit are just us……only dead.

In order to explain myself I will categorize them with an explanation so it makes it easier to understand.

Imprinted Images

Often referred to in the biz as the Stone Tape theory this is when a persons emotions are recorded in the very fabric of the building or surroundings. Always made of natural materials like stone, concrete, rock, wood, pottery, water, dirt etc….

Most commonly…

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