I want to go ahead and piggy-back off that last blog with this blog. In the last vlog we talked about deconstructing and dividing these ideas between what is “scary” and what is “evil. Now, the obvious place I want to go with this is to apply it to ghost hunting.

Historically speaking, hauntings have always been fodder for horror movies. And so investigating hauntings is easy to present as a “dangerous” profession, or at least a risky and exciting one for television. That’s why we get all these ghost hunting teams on television who present themselves like badasses. I would know! I did that for a while and I’d love to do it again.

But so, in our present state of media-driven ghost popularity, we get these recurring ideas of how “dangerous” it is to ghost hunt.

Now there’s absolutely real dangers out there. Every thing I say in this vlog…

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