The SPIRIT Seekers

By Tony Harrington

dowsing rodsAs with most paranormal tech, divining rods, commonly known as dowsing rods, have their beginnings outside the realm of paranormal investigations.

Prior to being adapted and implemented by ghost hunters within their investigations, dowsing rods were simply a means by which individuals once searched for elements buried within the ground. These elements ranged from water to iron, from gold and silver to petroleum. How the process works is unknown and there has never been scientific evidence to substantiate accuracy. 

As with modern tech such as EMF detectors and thermal cameras being adapted for use within paranormal investigations, so too did this early form of detecting energy.

Dowsing for water sources and precious metals dates back to the 15th century. In fact, it was then considered an act of occultism and declared by Martin Luther to break the first Commandment. The late 1600’s found the act…

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