This is the vlog that’s going to be a little controversial. Why? Because it’s about Ouija boards. And how Ouija boards aren’t necessarily the devil’s tools you think they are.

You might not have known, but Ouija boards have been around since the mid-nineteenth century. The boards were originally called “talking boards”, and Ouija was only a brand name. They were used in much the same way you see them used today–

Not for possession but for party games. Now in the 19th century, when things were a lot more “proper” and couples cuddling up to watch the Bachelorette was frowned upon–

(Actually let’s be honest, I still frown upon that.)

Anyway, cuddling was way too intimate. And so the Ouija board was a great excuse to sit close as you balanced the board on your knees. And the planchette? An excuse to almost touch fingertips.

Take a look at…

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