The ground was inherited by Alice Turner Berry from her father Major William Iredell Turner. After her death, her heirs transferred the property to the Trustees of the Parrish Cemetery on 10/17/47.

Some facts:
✭The earliest marker found there is of Rose Lee Turner 2/22/1876-10/21/1876.
✭There are 37 Turners buried there.
✭This is a segregated cemetery. There is a road the divides the whites from the blacks.
✭I believe there use to be a fence up that divided the two.
✭On the black side a lot of tombstones are hand carved which made it very interesting.
✭There are several Confederate soldiers and even a 1st sgt of the Indian wars buried there.
✭What I couldn’t get over was how many children were buried there. Starting with Rose
✭Lee Turner and even a set of twins Mark and Madge Gillettt
See below for the photos we captured.

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